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God Bless Sidney Lumet

Posted: April 10, 2011 in Misc

A couple of days ago, film has lost a visionary director in Sidney Lumet to the ravages of Lymphoma.  I have always enjoyed his films immensely.

12 Angry Men was my first introduction to a drama with only a single location.  The fact that he used cameras all over the place to give you a closed in effect was simply amazing.

Network, Serpico and other great films, we have lost a great director.  I’m lucky that I have 12 Angry Men and Network on my 100 movies in 100 days.  I will enjoy these films even more.

Rest in Peace Mr. Lumet.  You have left a large mark in my becoming a director.


So welcome to my little spot on the interwebs.  The purpose.  I’m a filmmaker.  I’m a writer and I like doing this.  So, who cares if one person reads it, twenty people read it or it’s followed by the entire free damn world.

As a filmmaker who’s not Spielberg or any of the other mucky mucks, this will be my forum to discuss news in the film world, Television and who knows what else.  I’ll have reviews of films.  For smaller reviews, you should go to my haiku style review on Facebook.

So, welcome friends and enjoy my incoherent at times ramblings.  It’ll be fun.